Vegan Steak?

The first video I saw on how to prepare seitan was by one of those apocalypse-type, bomb bunker guys that swore seitan was the food of the Last Days. 

Mashed Sweet Potato

Who doesn’t like sweet potatoes? The vegetable is a staple food at most Thanksgiving dinners. Sweet potatoes form the base of most comfort foods from french fries to pies. On my weekly grocery run, I tried some mashed sweet potatoes at Whole Foods and decided to make the treat at home. This vegan recipe usesContinue reading “Mashed Sweet Potato”

Meet a Vegan: Professional Chef Quessie

This week’s Meet a Vegan feature is Quessie, personal chef, and owner of the blog, where she shares recipes, lifestyle tips and personal chef services for plant-based eaters. We sat down with her and asked her a few questions about her journey as a vegan. Name (or Nickname): Quessie/ Q Age: 33 Website: WhatContinue reading “Meet a Vegan: Professional Chef Quessie”

The Mindful Eater

What is a mindful life? Is it perfecting a challenging yoga pose, or can it be found in a scenic view of a mountain range? While things like stretches and meditations most often come to mind when talking about becoming conscious, mindfulness can and should extend beyond physical attributes. Being mindfulness should infuse into everyContinue reading “The Mindful Eater”

Stuffed mini potatoes

Becoming vegan means that you will spend a lot of time cooking. And while others settle for meals of lentils or rice, I like to be a bit more creative with my food. Sometimes I think of challenges I can do, like vegetables as main dishes when I was trying to limit my soy intake.Continue reading “Stuffed mini potatoes”

Meet a Vegan: Animal Activist John Oberg

Director of New Media for The Humane League, John Oberg, talks about what veganism means to him and how his lifestyle changed for the better. What makes you unique/different/special? What makes me unique is my approach to animal advocacy. When it comes to creating a vegan world, I think strategically and think in the long-term.Continue reading “Meet a Vegan: Animal Activist John Oberg”