Smashed Potatoes

I saw a picture of smashed potatoes while browsing Instagram. Before then, I never saw or even heard of smashed potatoes. I had these smashed potatoes with barbeque tofu and roasted corn. The end result was incredibly delicious! I decided to look up the recipe and gave it a shot! Have you ever had smashed potatoes? CommentContinue reading “Smashed Potatoes”

Frozen Vegan Cheesecake

I really loved these bite-sized desserts. I adapted the recipe from The Minimalist Baker with a few changes here and there to spice things up. I choose to used my favorite brand of dairy-free cookie as the crust for this cheesecake. For a healthier option, you can choose to use dates and raw walnuts, asContinue reading “Frozen Vegan Cheesecake”

Meet a Vegan: Zoology Student Bonnie Earley

This week’s Meet a Vegan feature is Bonnie Earley, zoology student and wife whose passionate about animals. We asked her a few questions about her vegan journey and what inspired her to make the lifestyle change. Tell me about yourself. I’m 24 years old. I’m a wife, a dog and cat mom and a studentContinue reading “Meet a Vegan: Zoology Student Bonnie Earley”