Honest Pastures: Alternative Meat Manufacturer

Honest Pastures has been in the alternative meat industry for over six years, as a manufacturer and distributor of vegan goods. Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the company sells to consumers, restaurants and retail locations, with new products added periodically. Products include: Grillable Beaf Steaks, Signature Beaf Roasts, Corned Beaf, Gyro Beaf, Smoked Deli Slices,Continue reading “Honest Pastures: Alternative Meat Manufacturer”

Vegan Wholesale Snacks: Epicurium

  Our mission is to offer you a real point of difference by understanding your specific needs and finding the most inspiring, innovative brands that are best suited for the fixture and consumer you’re looking to serve. By building a detailed knowledge of the hottest consumer trends, we can offer range advice specific to yourContinue reading “Vegan Wholesale Snacks: Epicurium”

Vegan Cuts Review

This weekend, I received my first subscription box of Vegan Cuts. I stumbled upon the company on accident while researching how to make a subscription box service. Vegan Cuts offers a snack box, a beauty box, and a make-up box comprised of 100% vegan products. The snack box features cruelty-free goodies and munchies. The beautyContinue reading “Vegan Cuts Review”

Preserve Toothbrush

So I tried the Preserve toothbrush. This nifty brush is made completely of recycled material. I got this toothbrush this weekend and decided to review it. Now, this is not a company sponsored post. I bought this toothbrush with my own money, and all opinions that follow (good or bad) are my own. PROS MediumContinue reading “Preserve Toothbrush”