Curry Tofu and Potatoes

As a West Indian, I grew up using curry in a lot of foods. One of my favorites was in a soup-like dish with stew chicken, onions, and potatoes. Now that I’m vegan, I like to use a plant-based version of the dish using tofu. The taste is just as good as I remember it!
Check out my recipe below and tell me how it came out! #vegan #curry #recipes

The Mindful Eater

​By Odariza Lopez Vegetarian | Vegan | Ayurvedic | Diets The Mindful Eater What is a mindful life? Is it perfecting a challenging yoga pose, or can it be found in a scenic view of a mountain range? While things like stretches and meditations most often come to mind when talking about becoming conscious, mindfulnessContinue reading “The Mindful Eater”