Smashed Potatoes

I saw a picture of smashed potatoes while browsing Instagram. Before then, I never saw or even heard of smashed potatoes. I had these smashed potatoes with barbeque tofu and roasted corn. The end result was incredibly delicious! I decided to look up the recipe and gave it a shot! Have you ever had smashed potatoes? CommentContinue reading “Smashed Potatoes”

Mashed Sweet Potato

Who doesn’t like sweet potatoes? The vegetable is a staple food at most Thanksgiving dinners. Sweet potatoes form the base of most comfort foods from french fries to pies. On my weekly grocery run, I tried some mashed sweet potatoes at Whole Foods and decided to make the treat at home. This vegan recipe usesContinue reading “Mashed Sweet Potato”

Stuffed mini potatoes

Becoming vegan means that you will spend a lot of time cooking. And while others settle for meals of lentils or rice, I like to be a bit more creative with my food. Sometimes I think of challenges I can do, like vegetables as main dishes when I was trying to limit my soy intake.Continue reading “Stuffed mini potatoes”