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Meet a Vegan: Chef Janay

This week, I interviewed Chef Janay Jones about her experience becoming vegan. Janay is a passionate advocate for the plant-based lifestyle and runs Rooted Delights, a company whose mission is to provide affordable, vegan cuisine that everyone can enjoy. Read below to discover how switching to plant-based brought Janay clarity of mind, more passion in… Continue reading Meet a Vegan: Chef Janay

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Nava Atlas: The Vegan Atlas

Recently, I interviewed with Nava Atlas founder of the website The Vegan Atlas. Nava has authored several vegan and vegetarian cookbooks, including Plant Power and Wild About Greens. In 1996, she started one of the first vegetarian food sites on the web, VegKitchen, which went vegan in 2010. Her recipes have been featured in The… Continue reading Nava Atlas: The Vegan Atlas

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Vegan Business: The Vegg – Harold Bollaci

Back in January, I sat down with one of the owners of the Vegg, Harold Bollaci, to talk about his product. The Vegg is a vegan egg replacement product that can be used in cookies, cupcakes, and even for breakfast as scrambled eggs. Later in the interview, we discuss the issue of purity in vegan… Continue reading Vegan Business: The Vegg – Harold Bollaci

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Meet a Vegan: Food & Wine Specialist Sunny

Sunny Gandara, a native of Norway is a food, wine, and vegan lifestyle consultant.  Among her many different passions, skill sets, and interests, she is also a writer, food blogger, and animal lover.  But, don’t try to label her or squeeze her into a one-size fits all category. She provides plant-based and vegan cooking classes,… Continue reading Meet a Vegan: Food & Wine Specialist Sunny