Meet a Vegan: Professional Chef Quessie

This week’s Meet a Vegan feature is Quessie, personal chef, and owner of the blog, where she shares recipes, lifestyle tips and personal chef services for plant-based eaters. We sat down with her and asked her a few questions about her journey as a vegan. Name (or Nickname): Quessie/ Q Age: 33 Website: WhatContinue reading “Meet a Vegan: Professional Chef Quessie”

Meet a Vegan: Animal Activist John Oberg

Director of New Media for The Humane League, John Oberg, talks about what veganism means to him and how his lifestyle changed for the better. What makes you unique/different/special? What makes me unique is my approach to animal advocacy. When it comes to creating a vegan world, I think strategically and think in the long-term.Continue reading “Meet a Vegan: Animal Activist John Oberg”

Meet A Vegan: Chef Mani Mania

This weekend, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chef Mani Mania, a professional pastry chef and hardcore vegan. Her company, of the same name, aspires to liberate people’s mind, body and soul from unhealthful living through the promotion of a plant-based, vegan diet. Read her interview below, and visit her site at