Strawberry Coconut Milkshake

Packed with protein and 100% vegan, this strawberry coconut milkshake perfect for an after work-out snack.

Frozen Vegan Cheesecake

I really loved these bite-sized desserts. I adapted the recipe from The Minimalist Baker with a few changes here and there to spice things up. I choose to used my favorite brand of dairy-free cookie as the crust for this cheesecake. For a healthier option, you can choose to use dates and raw walnuts, asContinue reading “Frozen Vegan Cheesecake”

Moo-free Vegan Ice cream

Who said you need cow’s milk to make delicious and creamy ice-cream? If you’re a vegan craving ice-cream, or lactose intolerant and looking for an ice-cream alternative, this recipe is for you. This recipe uses almond milk, but it can be substituted with coconut milk or any other non-dairy milk product. Ingredients: 4 frozen bananasContinue reading “Moo-free Vegan Ice cream”