Smashed Potatoes

I saw a picture of smashed potatoes while browsing Instagram. Before then, I never saw or even heard of smashed potatoes. I had these smashed potatoes with barbeque tofu and roasted corn. The end result was incredibly delicious! I decided to look up the recipe and gave it a shot! Have you ever had smashed potatoes? CommentContinue reading “Smashed Potatoes”

Southwest Spaghetti Squash

Thought spaghetti squash was just another boring recipe to add to Thanksgiving dinner? Well, think again! Spaghetti squash can make a perfect and filling meal for everyday occasions. More than simply a gluten-free replacement for spaghetti, the squash can be used in place of staple favorites like rice or potatoes. This meal takes a tasteContinue reading “Southwest Spaghetti Squash”