How to Make Frozen Meals – Infographic

Meal prep for days! Create frozen vegan foods from scratch and save time and money.

The Growing Popularity Of CBD Oil

In an era where veganism thrives, and holistic health remedies are found everywhere – it’s no surprise cannabis alternatives are growing in popularity as well. The use of cannabis has exploded into mainstream media over the past decade, courtesy of the many health benefits derived from the plant. The bulk of these health benefits stemContinue reading “The Growing Popularity Of CBD Oil”

7 Best Vegan Pantry Staples

It is so expensive to be vegan! I can’t afford the vegan lifestyle! I can’t find vegan items anywhere!  Those are just some of the excuses I hear when someone tells me why they can’t be vegan. Notice I said excuses because that is just what they are. With veganism and plant-based eating being theContinue reading “7 Best Vegan Pantry Staples”

How to “vegan” in remote locations

If you have ever lived overseas or in a small town, you know it can be difficult to find vegan options. Besides staples such as fruits, vegetables, rice, beans and pasta, your options for other treats can be limited. All this means is you will have to be a little more creative with your meals.Continue reading “How to “vegan” in remote locations”

Three Health Benefits of Cayenne Powder

Enchiladas. Chili. Sloppy Joe. What do these dishes all have in common? Besides being insanely popular meals, these meals all have cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is perhaps one of the most well-known hot spices in America today. However, few modern Americans know of its surprising health benefits. For centuries, Chinese and Native American cultures laudedContinue reading “Three Health Benefits of Cayenne Powder”

Fruit of the Summer

Today, as the temperature peaked at 90 degrees Fahrenheit, I decided to juice an entire watermelon. Between summer barbeques and fireworks, watermelon has pretty much become a staple of the summer. There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than biting into a slice of the juicy fruit. But beyond the obvious benefit ofContinue reading “Fruit of the Summer”