Every non-meat eater can relate to this. Whether you’re going to a restaurant, a party or work potluck, the question inevitably comes up. This time I was hearing it from the other end of a phone call.

“Um…so…what do vegans eat?” My brother asked. It was the middle of July, and he was planning the lord of all carnivore festivals—the barbecue. Like the kind brother he was, he was worried about the level of nutritional intake I would have at such a gathering.

“Bird food.”

My response was a flip, tongue-in-cheek jab at a point he often teased me on. Yet, even after we laughed and the conversation ended, I mused on how true it was.

My chance rendezvous into vegan restaurants left me more disappointed than not.  Between cold tofu rolled around in peanut sauce, and ill-seasoned kale dressed like the poor man’s version of collard greens, I was becoming frustrated.

In 2011, I began to cook for myself.  Around 2015, I started taking pictures of the food I was eating on my cheap camera phone. In 2016, I started an Instagram for it, still with my cheap camera phone, but the pictures looked a bit more nifty with editing software. Finally, I started this blog in 2017.

On this blog, I share the recipes I’ve crafted over the years, as well as restaurant reviews and unique grocery finds. Whether you are new to this vegan journey, or been at it for years, this blog has something for everyone.

Happy Eating!