How to Meal Prep as a Vegan and Make Sure Your Nutritional Needs Are Met

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by Peter Manley

If you’re already eating a vegan diet, then that’s great! Veganism comes with a plethora of health benefits, such as decreasing your risk of heart disease and cancer, providing antioxidants and healthy vitamins and minerals, and boosting your fiber intake, which can lead to healthy weight loss*. Indeed, adopting a vegan diet is one of the best decisions you could’ve made for yourself.

If you know anything about veganism, then you know that while it is extremely healthy, it does take a bit of precaution and proper planning to ensure that you’re getting all of the nutrients necessary for optimal health. With that being said, how do you meal prep for a vegan diet? This may seem like a daunting task, but it is fairly easy. It is very similar to meal prepping for an omnivorous diet. Let’s take a look at how to meal prep for a vegan diet while making sure that all of your nutritional needs are still met.

#1: Decide which day will be “Meal Prep Day”.

First of all, you have to decide which day of the week will be designated as your day to meal prep for the week. While you can choose any day that fits your schedule, most people tend to choose Sunday, since it’s a fairly relaxed day that usually isn’t filled with many responsibilities.

#2: Purchase meal prep containers.

No, you don’t want to simply opt for generic Tupperware bowls. You can prepare all of your food to look amazing, but once you throw it into these bowls, it mixes into one big blob of goop. That’s not exactly appetizing. Instead, opt for containers that are BPA free, microwavable, stackable, reusable, and have several compartments in them. Three to four compartments is optimal.

#3: Follow the standard plate portion guidelines.

In any typical dish, you’ll find – or should find – these three components: a protein source, fruits and/or vegetables, and a starch source. In the world of health and fitness, there is a widely accepted guideline as to how your plate should be portioned for optimal health. The guideline is as follows:

  • 50% Fruit and/or Vegetables
  • 25% Protein
  • 25% Starch

Again, this is a general guide, and your needs may vary depending on your fitness levels and goals. For example, if you’re looking to lose weight, you may lower your starch intake while eating more protein. To gain weight, you’d do the inverse of that. Of course, all of the food on your plate will be plant-based but you can still meet these guidelines.

Some great vegan protein sources include nuts, seeds, beans, tempeh, tofu, spinach, quinoa, and even broccoli. If you’re in search of great vegan starches to add to your arsenal, try potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, or rice.


You see, meal prepping for a vegan diet is not that complex after all. While you do have to be mindful that you’re getting enough of commonly deficient nutrients such as vitamin B12 and omega 3 fatty acids, you can easily meet the recommended daily amount (RDA) for these nutrients by taking a multivitamin/mineral supplement. Otherwise, meal prep as you normally would.

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