Meet a Vegan: Chef Janay

Janay in Rooted Delights shirt

This week, I interviewed Chef Janay Jones about her experience becoming vegan. Janay is a passionate advocate for the plant-based lifestyle and runs Rooted Delights, a company whose mission is to provide affordable, vegan cuisine that everyone can enjoy. Read below to discover how switching to plant-based brought Janay clarity of mind, more passion in her cooking and a new life purpose.

rooted delights Janay

Tell me about yourself.
My name is Janay and I am a vegan chef! I started a food truck in Baltimore, Maryland. I moved back to Virginia to continue my dream of making delicious plant-based meals. We started Rooted Delights cheese line last year.

What makes our vegan cheese so unique is that we use gluten-free, homemade oat milk and allergen-free ingredients. There isn’t any dairy, soy, gluten, or tree nuts in our products, making it easy for anyone to enjoy. We are currently trying to expand into other cities and states with hopes of getting the word out about Rooted Delights. Aside from the cheese business, I enjoy reading and being in nature. I try and go outside and ground myself every day to reconnect with self and release.

What’s one thing you wished people told you about becoming vegan?
I wish people told me how clear my mind would be. I did my research on the benefits of veganism beforehand, but I didn’t realize the huge impact it would have on my consciousness. I would have cut out meat and dairy sooner! My vision is so much clearer, and I am just overall in a happier space.

How has becoming vegan changed how you approach cooking and eating out?
I am one of those people who used to LOVE eating out. A few years back I was eating out almost every day and any time of the day. Now that I eat a plant-based diet, I would much rather cook myself. I’ve gotten to experiment with so many different veggies, seasonings, and herbs that I didn’t know about before. Overall, it’s just a fun experience in the kitchen. I encourage everyone to cook a good vegan meal at least once a week!

What’s your favorite thing about being vegan?
There are so many! I love how I feel overall (mind, body, and soul), but I also love how you can take any food and make it vegan. Anybody can be an artist in the kitchen!

What advice would you give to people considering becoming vegan?
Get a bunch of easy vegan recipe cookbooks, follow a bunch of vegan recipe pages on Instagram or Facebook. Keep things simple. I think people struggle with going vegan because they don’t know what to cook. If you find easy, go-to meals to eat during the week, you’ll find this new lifestyle is easier than you thought. On the weekends, or whenever you have free time, you could experiment with different and complex meals. Follow @damgoodvegan on social media. She can help make your transition easy.

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