Fitmego: Personal Training, Online Coaching & Nutrition Coaching

My name is Adam Saez.

I run a personal training and online nutrition coaching business called Fitmego. I specialize in helping busy professionals improve their health, physique, and performance.

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I also encourage and teach individuals how to live a plant-based lifestyle through their eating habits while also enjoying all of what life has to offer, what I call ‘flexible dieting.’

I have been vegan since October 2017, and not only have I found no negative impact on my training, I’ve found an improvement in my overall strength and muscle size. I also experienced a reduction in pain in my lower back.

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My original motive for going vegan was watching the negative impacts of animal agriculture on our environment. I see the atrocities of what humans are doing to animals and their own health.

My goal is not to convert anyone to veganism, but rather lead by example and show others that you can lead healthier lives without causing suffering to others.

My motto is No Restrictions & No (intended) victims. Which roughly means, enjoy life to the maximum, but don’t harm others in the process.


Visit Fitmego online!

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