Nava Atlas: The Vegan Atlas

Vegan Atlas Nava Atlas

Recently, I interviewed with Nava Atlas founder of the website The Vegan Atlas. Nava has authored several vegan and vegetarian cookbooks, including Plant Power and Wild About Greens. In 1996, she started one of the first vegetarian food sites on the web, VegKitchen, which went vegan in 2010. Her recipes have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post and VegNews. Listen as we discuss women’s roles in plant-based movements and how social justice plays a part in veganism.

Note: Due to sound issues, the beginning of this interview may sound muffled. We corrected this as best as we could. Sound quality in the rest of the interview is in tact.

Happy Listening!

Music Credit: Please Listen Carefully by Jahzzar

Books by Nava Atlas:

Plant Power by Nava Atlas Wild About Greens by Nava Atlas

Read more about Nava here.

The Vegan Atlas

Are you a vegan small business? Find out how you can interview here.

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