Meet a Vegan: Nutritionist Nya

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Name (or Nickname): Nya Marsh/nickname Charlie

Age: 26

Website: Site in-progress! Find me on Instagram @thefinevegan or The Fine Vegan on Facebook.

1. What makes you unique?

I’ve been able to make my friends go vegan quite effortlessly. I can make a really delicious vegan meal that will make someone who eats meat stop mid-bite and think, “Oh, this is amazing, I could be vegan.”

2. How has your life experiences shaped who you are as a vegan today?

When I was younger I ate a lot. I was chubby and I felt like I could never stop eating or I wasn’t full. I always indulged in fast foods, sugars, snacks and tons of processed foods. My diet gave me acne, bloating and overall tiredness. When I found out I had endometriosis I looked up things that I could do naturally to help myself. The endo-diet is basically a vegan gluten/soy-free diet. I decided to adopt the lifestyle after doing research for myself, being exposed to what animal agriculture really was about and the moral stance of veganism.

3. How did your parents/significant other react when you changed to a plant-based vegan diet?

Surprisingly, my parents and friends were supportive of my lifestyle change. I feel like because I am old enough to do my own research and find out everything I need, the people around me were supportive. They knew I could accomplish this lifestyle. Most of the time, they tell people I’m vegan before I get the chance to. It makes it less awkward for me to try to fit it in when I first meet new people.

4. What’s one thing you wish somebody would’ve told you before you went vegan?

I wish someone would have told me about veganism sooner. I wish there was more information spread about different diet options. Growing up there was one diet taught and the others you had to find out about. I wish I would have known about veganism sooner so I could have become vegan a long time ago.

5. Do you own a vegan business?

I am in the works of starting my vegan business! I will have a recipe book out soon, and a website where you can buy my book, get free recipes, have access to articles on veganism and hire me for nutritional help.

6. In your opinion, what’s the biggest reward of becoming vegan?

The biggest reward is undoing what we have done to our earth. The combination of veganism and eco-friendly practices and products are what we need as a people to stop our earth from dying. Once people realize the small things they can do to make a big impact, then we can all do this together. Being vegan allowed me to find the knowledge I needed to make sure I could do my part in keeping earth green!

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