Meet A Vegan: Chef Mani Mania

This weekend, I had the pleasure of interviewing Chef Mani Mania, a professional pastry chef and hardcore vegan. Her company, of the same name, aspires to liberate people’s mind, body and soul from unhealthful living through the promotion of a plant-based, vegan diet. Read her interview below, and visit her site at

What makes you unique/different/special?

Ello, Maniacs! I am Chef Mani Mania, an award-winning vegan pastry chef. I have been classically trained at the world renowned Le Cordon Bleu and am certified by the American Culinary Federation. To boil it down, what makes me unique is I am an overflowing bottle of mania.

How has your life experiences shaped who you are as a vegan today?

The health of my loved ones as well as my personal health has had the biggest impact on who I am as a vegan today. For example:

  • I constantly understand how my body reacts to certain foods. I am one of those vegans that RUN from beans unless sprouted.
  • I read food labels and research other toxic ingredients (besides animal derived ingredients).
  • I am learning to grow my own food slowly but surely.
  • I lessen my carbon footprint by biking, public transportation, and shop as locally as possible.
  • I am a more giving person since becoming vegetarian/vegan and experiencing life-threatening encounters. Whether it is through food, service, inspiration, or knowledge, it brings me indescribable joy to help people liberate their minds, bodies, and souls.

Essentially, I am a more conscious and awakened hue-man.

Chef Mani Mania

How did your parents react when you changed to a plant-based vegan diet?

My parents are Hardcore Vegans as well. We started our vegan journey together and having been keeping each strong ever since. It is invaluable to have supportive family/team.

 How do you deal with being social as a vegan?

Great question! With two jobs and a business, the most socializing I manage is when food blogging in my community and social media (if that counts).

What advice would you give to young vegans (vegans just starting out)?

First and foremost, congratulations and welcome! My advice is to practice the art of willpower, seek knowledge, and have an everlasting reason why you are vegan. With those components, you will be able to embrace the lifestyle without much discouragement and adversity from within and out.

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